6 Things to Ask at Your First Chiropractor Visit

6 Things to Ask at Your First Chiropractor Visit

Seeing a chiropractor for the first time can feel a bit overwhelming. Luckily, the expert team at Tannenbaum Chiropractic of Beverly Hills has your back—literally! At our boutique facility, you will feel like family from the moment you walk in and every time thereafter. We are committed to providing comfortable, relaxing holistic care to improve your overall wellness, whether you are a lifetime patient of chiropractic, or this is your very first time in any chiropractic office. We are proud of our transparency in care and are happy to answer any and all of your questions. Come get to know us, today!

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1.   Will Chiropractic Care Help Me?

At Tannenbaum Chiropractic, we aim to provide individual, necessary care for our patients. This means it is never a one-size-fits-all or generic approach. There are many reasons people eventually seek chiropractic care. If you are experiencing chronic back and/or neck pain, accident or injury, headaches, or joint mobility issues, chances are you could really use chiropractic treatment to find relief. Chiropractic care is wellness care—rather than a quick fix, we seek to alleviate pain and discomfort through whole-body wellness and lifestyle adjustments. Most people who receive chiropractic care continue to do so, incorporating their treatments as part of their medical and self-care regimen to maintain optimal health. That said, most patients find relief after their first treatment visit!

Chiropractic care is also inclusive and accessible for all bodies and walks of life. This is especially for those who need rehabilitation services following an accident or injury, whether from a vehicle or sports-related incident. Those who have experienced concussions or spinal injuries are usually safe to receive care and highly benefit from treatments as well. The only population that will need a full consultation to assess if chiropractic is an appropriate and altogether safe treatment option are those in high-risk pregnancies or who have broken vertebrae or spinal fusions. We always ensure safety—you are in good hands at Tannenbaum Chiropractic.

2.    How Many Chiropractor Appointments Do I Need?

No matter the reason you initially seek chiropractic care, you will need more than one visit. In fact, your first visit is busy spend evaluating your health history and treatment goals and devising an ongoing treatment plan. To fully benefit from treatment, your chiropractor will develop a comprehensive treatment plan that will include frequency and longevity, depending on your specific needs. Most people will also have home-care treatments and lifestyle recommendations to approach care holistically and fully as well. However, even after your treatment plan is complete, visiting your chiropractor periodically for follow-up and results maintenance is optimal. Regular chiropractic care helps maintain mobility and range of motion, long-term rehabilitation, and pain management, especially in aging or athletic individuals.

3.     What Does My Initial Consultation and Examination Entail?

On your first visit, you will complete a health history form. It is helpful to prepare for your first visit by writing down what you can regarding old injuries, chronic problems, and your present symptoms, so we can comprehensively record and consider all contexts of your health goals and issues.

Then, your chiropractor will move into reviewing your health history with a full consultation and conversation about your medical history and current state of being. In order to determine exactly what treatment options should be included in your care plan, your chiropractor will then perform a thorough physical examination. This exam will consist of orthopedic, neurological, physical, and Chiropractic tests, as well as checking the spinal range of motion. Additionally, subluxations are determined by careful analysis of X-rays, palpation of the soft tissue of the spine, range of motion studies, and tests with instruments.

Following your consultation and examination, your chiropractor will review the results of your tests and x-rays with you to ensure you are a viable candidate for Chiropractic treatment. If so, you will return in a few short days to review the comprehensive care plan developed just for you!

4.     What Chiropractic Care Treatments Do You Offer?

At Tannenbaum Chiropractic, we do so much more than just chiropractic adjustments. With our wide range of expertise, we offer several chiropractic treatments to be potentially included in your comprehensive care plan. Our Beverly Hills chiropractic team offers:

5.     Do You Take Insurance?

Insurance coverage and out-of-pocket costs vary depending on the reason for your chiropractic care, insurance plan, and what treatments you need and for how long. Payment arrangements will be discussed on your follow-up visit (usually your second) so that charges and financial obligations are never a question. We believe in transparency and honesty and that this knowledge should inform you of your decision to continue with care and what kind of treatment is viable for you.

6.     Why Choose Tannenbaum Chiropractic of Beverly Hills?

At Tannenbaum Chiropractic of Beverly Hills, we are family. Our highly accredited doctors, licensed therapists, and well-loved organizers have decades of combined experience in the field and a gold-star reputation for prioritizing only the very best care for our patients. With an individualized approach to holistic care, we understand the importance of getting to know you, personally. We know you have plenty of options and are always proud to welcome you into a lifetime of wellness.

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