How Fire Cupping Helps with Back Pain

How Fire Cupping Helps with Back Pain

Back pain can be debilitating, affecting your professional and personal life. Luckily, many non-invasive and drug-free options can help alleviate back pain with chiropractic care, including fire cupping. This ancient Chinese healing method works to ease back and neck pain (and other issues) by combining heat and suction to increase blood flow in the affected area and stimulate healing at the cellular level, reducing pain and inflammation.

At Tannenbaum Chiropractic of Beverly Hills, we are happy to provide fire cupping therapy as part of our acupuncture treatments to help you find back pain relief.

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What is Fire Cupping?

Fire cupping is a traditional Chinese healing treatment practiced for over 3,000 years. Recently, cupping therapy has also been studied scientifically, resulting in a proven-positive treatment for chronic back pain, specifically.

Fire cupping therapy helps to relieve symptoms from various ailments by triggering the lymphatic system – our body’s filtration system. As a result, improved blood supply to skin and muscles leads to reduced pain, inflammation, and hypertension, as well as balanced immune, nervous, and hormonal systems by removing physical and emotional toxins from the body.

How Fire Cupping Works

Fire cupping works by using heat and a heavy glass cup placed in specific points, usually the affected areas of the body, directly on the skin. Cups either remain stationary or are moved along the skin, depending on the treatment needs. First, the air inside the cup is heated by lighting a small fire within the cup, and as the air inside cools, a vacuum is created. As the skin is pulled up, space is created between the layers of muscle, fascia, and skin, encouraging the circulation of blood flow. The stagnant lactic acid in the muscle fibers is released, decreasing muscle pain and tightness.

This process results in many positive reactions in the body. Overall, fire cupping therapy works to ease pain by:

  • Reducing pain and inflammation
  • Decreasing muscle tightness
  • Improving blood flow
  • Increasing range of motion

Does Fire Cupping Therapy Work for Back Pain?

There are several benefits to fire cupping, and pain alleviation is often the top reason people try it. Most people who experience back pain complain of aches and pains focused in the lower back area. The exact cupping points to target your specific back pain will differ slightly, but you can expect to have cups placed across your entire back, with larger diameter cups used on the lower back. Because of the sacrum, lower back cupping may also alleviate the radiating pain felt in other parts of the body stemming from the lower back, such as the spine, shoulders, and legs.

Fire Cupping for Back Pain at Tannenbaum Chiropractic

Cupping therapy is overall a low-risk therapy, but you will want to discuss treatment options with your chiropractic professional at Tannenbaum Chiropractic in Beverly Hills to ensure it is the best method for your needs. Because we focus on holistic treatment methods, you will likely want to couple your fire cupping therapy with other chiropractic treatments to ensure you are treating the root cause of your back pain, such as poor posture or physical injury. Know that you have drug-free options to treat back pain at Tannenbaum Chiropractic—fire cupping may just be the answer you’re looking for!

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