Are Massage Guns Effective for Neck and Back Pain

Are Massage Guns Effective for Neck and Back Pain

Chiropractic Care and Massage Guns for Neck and Back Pain

Suffering from back and neck pain can seem relentless, and sometimes, you may want to tackle the pain at home along with your in-office chiropractic care appointments. A massage gun, when used properly, can be an effective addition to your back and neck pain care. It is a useful at-home tool for when your pain flares up and can be used alone or with a partner.

The Beverly Hills chiropractic care team at Tannenbaum Chiropractic wants to ensure you have the most comprehensive pain treatment possible. Our goal is to inform you of all the options that can accompany your treatment program, including massage guns.

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Percussion Treatment for Muscle Pain

Massage guns utilize percussion or pressure vibrations, applying thousands of beats per minute, to help ease the pain in your back and neck muscles. The pressure these guns apply is stronger than a traditional massage by hand, and the gun moves exponentially faster. It can penetrate deeper into muscles to relax contractions, disperse pain, and release lactic acid and calcium from muscles.

Massage guns can also help pain through the following functions:

  • Breakdown of scar tissue
  • Flush fluids from the muscles
  • Increase blood and oxygen flow
  • Reduce tightness
  • Release lymph blockages
  • Reduce exercise-related soreness

Applying a massage gun to muscles and activating a variety of benefits will ultimately decrease pain and promote healing. This type of massage is ideal for large muscle groups using a firm delivery of percussive beats.

Where to Use Your Massage Gun

Massage guns should be used for muscle pain and tension and should be kept to muscles rather than applied to joints or directly against bones. The strength in the percussive beats may be too much for direct application to the bones and joints. A massage gun is perfect for the larger muscles in the back and shoulders, where many people carry tension and stress. As you work through the pain in the back and neck, it is crucial to avoid the spine when treating the neck and back with a massage gun.

When using the gun to ease neck pain, switch to softer, smaller attachments and apply specifically to the back and sides of the neck. Start with slower, gentle beats before applying full pressure. Do not use the massage gun on the front of the neck or against the cervical spine.

The effectiveness of massage guns is highest with acute muscle pain and tension, while it may not be recommended for chronic pain sufferers. Chronic pain may go deeper and have additional conditions as the cause, making a massage gun less effective in long-term treatment.

Get Your Pain Under Control with Tannenbaum Chiropractic

Chiropractic care plans at Tannenbaum Chiropractic can include other modalities like massage, acupuncture, and sports therapy. Our Beverly Hills chiropractic team offers comprehensive treatment plans for various muscle and structural pain and disfunction.

We aim to provide treatment along with information on at-home pain relief. Massage guns are a tool to have at home for pinpointing areas of tension causing occasional back and neck pain or muscles soreness that you can consider along with care from our practitioners.

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