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Beverly Hills Hormone Therapy Acupuncture at Tannenbaum Chiropractic

Hormone balance through acupuncture can help to treat a variety of issues including cycle regulation, perimenopause, menopause, fertility issues, or even conditions including PCOS, uterine fibroids, PMS, and endometriosis. The therapy of acupuncture for hormone balancing is unique to each person and their diagnosis, rather than generalized therapy.

At Tannenbaum Chiropractic, we do all we can to provide therapies that work, helping relieve a myriad of symptoms. Our Beverly Hills acupuncture specialists will work with you to create a regimen of acupuncture that fits your specific needs.

Call Tannenbaum Chiropractic to schedule acupuncture therapy with our Beverly Hills acupuncturists. We’re here to help you find balance.

Why Do Hormones Need to Be Balanced

Hormones are the chemical messengers that are responsible for the regulation of almost every bodily function we perform. When hormones are imbalanced and the body produces too much or too little of a specific hormone, it can lead to symptoms such as weight gain or loss, poor sleep, fatigue, anxiety, sexual function changes, low libido, hair loss, and much more. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to experience a hormone imbalance at some point in your lifetime.

How Does Acupuncture Balance Hormones

Acupuncture can help regulate hormones by bringing the body back into a more balanced state, targeting underlying patterns in the body and signaling dysregulation. Acupuncture can address the root cause of the body’s dysfunction while helping to relieve the symptoms of the issue as treatment progresses. The process of acupuncture, the insertion of tiny, sterile needles into the skin, triggers the release of several chemicals, hormones, and signaling molecules. This release sends messages to the brain that help restore the body to homeostasis.

When we begin treatment, we often recommend a DUTCH hormone test as a baseline to determine the cause of the imbalance. Our therapy regimen of acupuncture, targeted herbal formulas, nutrition changes, and lifestyle recommendations work to bring the body back to homeostasis.

Call Tannenbaum Chiropractic for Acupuncture for Hormone Balancing

When you need a therapy team that you can trust and a regimen that offers relief from the symptoms you are experiencing, call on the Beverly Hills acupuncturists at Tannenbaum Chiropractic. Our acupuncture therapies can help you fight the symptoms of menopause, cycle regulation, fertility issues, and more.

Contact the Beverly Hills acupuncturists at Tannenbaum Chiropractic today and start the journey to feeling and being your best self again. Balance your hormones with help from Tannenbaum Chiropractic.

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