The Philosophy of Chiropractic Care

Discs of Spine
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At Tannenbaum Chiropractic in Beverly Hills, we are committed to full body wellness care that extends beyond spinal care and pain relief. But, what does that mean, exactly?

The philosophy of chiropractic medicine is a holistic medical perspective for healing and wellness that focuses on spinal health in order to achieve full-body well-being. The chiropractic philosophy sustains the belief that optimal health is linked throughout the body, and focusing on the nervous system, and thereby, neurological and musculoskeletal integrity, encourages an innately connected, healthy body from crown to toe. Contrary to modern western medicine, chiropractic philosophy incorporates this holistic (total body) approach to treatment rather than prescribing drugs or chemicals. It is this commitment to its philosophical perspective that chiropractic integrates mind, body, and spiritual health and the body’s connection to itself and its environment that serves as foundation.

For those curious about what alternative, holistic wellness means, our team at Tannenbaum Chiropractic is happy to outline how this philosophy of chiropractic can enhance normal human function and health.

Chiropractic and the Mind-Body Relationship

The mind-body relationship is a pillar of wellness in the philosophy of chiropractic. By locating the musculoskeletal area that is functioning improperly, one can correct dysfunction at its root rather than treat symptoms with invasive drugs and chemicals. This naturopathic model of healing and wellness encourages a healthy lifestyle and longevity of optimal health as a result.

In this perspective, Chiropractic philosophy asserts:

  • An emphasis on recuperation and natural encouragement of physical healing rather than surgery.
  • An importance of early intervention to achieve treatment functional and reversible physiological conditions.
  • The acknowledgment of lifestyle, environment and health factors as impactful connections to the body and overall wellness.
  • A focus on identifying the cause of illness rather than simply treating symptoms.
  • The recognition of the centrality and functionality of the body’s nervous system.
  • The importance of monitoring progress as a mode of longevity in healing, pain management, and overall wellness.
  • The critical role of patient-centered, hands-on approach to holistic care and the intimate relationship between environment and patient.
  • The understanding of optimal bodily function achieved through an approach to adequate balance and structure.

Balance and Structure: Integrity of the Spine

In chiropractic care, two basic principles that guide the chiropractic philosophy are balance and structure. Chiropractic care upholds the belief that the body maintains an inborn ability to self-regulate and maintain health. This is known as “innate intelligence” and is considered to flow through the nervous system, and therefore, the spine—the center structure of the human body.

Understanding the centrality of the spine’s structure is necessary for optimal functionality of the whole body. For this reason, it is believed that when the spine is mispositioned or misaligned, the spinal nerves functions and its affected tissues are disrupted. This disruption can cause a myriad of health problems, not limited to, but including the manifestation of physical discomfort and pain. As the body naturally seeks balance throughout all its functioning systems, and a healthy relationship and communication within the full body is integral to wellness as a whole.

A Holistic Perspective to Medicine

The unique perspective of chiropractic encourages health beyond our clinic walls. It is this holistic approach to integrative wellness care that sets chiropractic apart from other branches of modern medicine. Holism is self-contained as its own set of philosophical perspectives, but is centered on the idea that wellness is dependent on the integration of body, mind, and spirit and deviation from this natural, balanced state of being can result in pain and illness. This naturopathic approach to care therefore does not depend on treatment with invasive surgery, prescription drugs, or other chemical interventions that can further disrupt this natural, intimate relationship. Instead, holistic medicine places trust in the understanding of the natural world and the human body’s ability to function optimally when these relationships are recognized and honored. As a result of incorporating holism into chiropractic care perspectives, the philosophy of chiropractic affirms an encouragement of the body’s natural functionality through full-body wellness and a long, healthy lifestyle.

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