How Acupuncture Can Help Combat Seasonal Allergies

How Acupuncture Can Help Combat Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies are often correlated with springtime. However, winter can exasperate sinus issues flagged by allergy irritants due to the drops in temperature that bring dryer air outside, and the use of heaters inside. These cold weather fixtures can dry out your sinuses, causing irritating congestion and painful sinus pressure.

Luckily, acupuncture’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects can specifically combat symptoms of wintertime allergies by targeting the sinuses. Seasonal allergies in the winter can be alleviated through chiropractic care in Beverly Hills at Tannenbaum Chiropractic.

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Winter Allergy Season: Sinus Pressure and Pain

Chiropractic care is a sought-after holistic treatment option for a myriad of health issues, including sinus pressure and pain. Often, sinus issues are at their highest in the colder weather months, even in Southern California’s mild winters. It is sometimes difficult to determine what is causing sinus pressure, and it may be surprising to hear that allergies can persist all year.

Winter allergy symptoms are unique from spring or seasonal allergies stemming from the growing season. Rather than watery eyes, sneezing, and skin rashes we experience in reaction to pollen and irritants released in the spring (and longer in Southern California’s extended growing season), winter allergies are associated with sinus congestion, inflammation, pressure, and pain. When the outside temperature drops in winter, the air becomes dryer. Additionally, heaters are then used indoors, drying out the air inside as well as potentially forcing irritants into air circulation. Breathing in dry, potentially pollutant-filled, and stale indoor air dries out our nasal passages and thickens the mucus, causing that all-too-painful inflammation known as sinusitis or allergic rhinitis—sinus issues directly associated with allergies.

Allergic rhinitis causes afflictions such as:

  • Inflammation in the sinuses
  • Congestion in the sinuses and chest
  • Headaches that persist even with medication
  • Painful pressure in the face, nose, and behind the eyes
  • Runny nose and postnasal drip
  • Difficulty breathing through your nose
  • Earaches

How Does Acupuncture Treat Seasonal Allergies?

While acupuncture can help with seasonal allergies all year round, sinus-related issues with winter allergies, such as allergic rhinitis, make chiropractic care afflictions an especially viable holistic solution. Research has shown that acupuncture can specifically benefit those affected by allergic rhinitis. In fact, 2014 and 2015, several studies were published documenting the significance of allergic rhinitis relief from acupuncture treatments.

Acupuncture accomplishes sinus relief by targeting meridians believed to circulate the “defensive qi” which maintains immunity functions. If your defensive qi is clogged because of allergic rhinitis, your body produces those symptoms of sinusitis in reaction: sinus pressure and pain. The meridians located at the front of the body—the lungs, colon, stomach, and spleen—are stimulated in order to reinstate the functionality of defense qi. As a result, acupuncture relieves the sinus issues associated with wintertime seasonal allergies by encouraging self-regulation. No medication needed!

Acupuncture for Sinus Relief in Beverly Hills

At Tannenbaum Chiropractic, we offer a lush facility to provide necessary care for sinus relief and allergy issues. Typically, you will need weekly visits to treat chronic sinusitis or allergic rhinitis, but each individual treatment plan will be assessed and based on your specific needs. This assessment will take into consideration the severity of your allergic response symptoms, as well as the external environmental factors dysregulating your defensive qi. Our beautiful location offers a relaxing treatment session, so it will feel more like a therapeutic self-care visit than a doctor’s office. When you visit our office for an acupuncture appointment, our team of experienced staff will educate you and treat you to a luxurious experience so you can enjoy every season pain-free.

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